HD Stippling Magic - Digital Stippling Brush Pack for Procreate

Oleander Studios
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I've recreated the popular minimalistic stippling/pointillism aesthetic from Pinterest and turned them into a Procreate Brush pack!

You get the following 14 brushes:

  • Stipple Stroke
  • Stipple Stroke Organic
  • Dense Stipple
  • Medium Stipple
  • Sparse Stipple
  • Single Dot Stamp
  • Leaves
  • Leaves Minimalistic
  • Sparkle Stamp
  • Sparkle Stamp Clear
  • Sparkle Stamp 2
  • Line Brush With Taper
  • Soft Tapered Pencil
  • Paper Brush

This brush pack was designed for HD canvasses only. Using a smaller canvas than 2048x2048px dpi72 may result in a loss of quality.

If you're curious about stippling I've written an article that explains everything you need to know about this wonderful art style:
Everything you need to know about stippling

Note: The Stamp brushes are all single stamps. This means that when you use it you'll get 1 stamp. In the example, I've stamped multiple times, with a different size brush.

Note2: Since it's a digital download no refunds are accepted. :(

P.S. I might release the same brush pack for smaller canvasses at a later date :)

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14 digital stippling brushes for HD canvas (PROCREATE)

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HD Stippling Magic - Digital Stippling Brush Pack for Procreate

0 ratings
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